breakfast at tiffanys review

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Talking About Whether a Classic Movie Still Holds Up After All This Time

Hi there.

The text included with video posts is typically just a rough transcript of the video itself so that the hearing impaired or anyone who doesn’t like watching videos that much can still enjoy the content, but since this was an unscripted video, I just wanted to offer a couple notes on the discussion we had in the above video.

In my video on Godard’s Le Mepris, I talked quite a bit about the idea that every classic movie, no matter how beloved it is and how many famous critics have hailed it as a masterpiece, could very well fade from relevance, not only in terms of its messaging but also its status as a piece of art.

As much as we want to believe that these classic movies are invulnerable to any kind of fading, I happen to believe that no work of art is truly immortal.

This is the concept that drove the development of this series, or what I hope will become a series if I can manage to put together some other discussions with friends and media critics.

As for this specific discussion on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I hope this won’t be a spoiler, but we didn’t exactly arrive at a definitive answer as to whether the movie is still completely relevant today, and I expect that kind of amorphous result will be pretty common in future discussions as well.

Dethroning a classic movie is a highly subjective process, and as we found with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there are still a lot of useful and worthwhile individual components in the movie, and those elements might be just enough to maintain its status as a classic.

I’m very interested to see whether anyone out there in the audience would be interested in joining these kinds of discussions in some way, and I hope that these discussions will also be a chance for our site and our writing to find a wider audience.

We really enjoy talking about movies and animation, and all that talking isn’t worth too much unless it ends up reaching people on some level.

So if you like the work we do, feel free to share it around with other folks who enjoy this kind of thing. And if you’d like to communicate with Glitterati Lobotomy directly, please feel free to talk to us in the comments of our articles, videos, and on Twitter, because we finally got around to making a social media account after almost two years.

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