nintendo switch games for beginners

Nintendo Switch Games for Beginners: The Switch Starter Pack

Ok, we tracked down some excellent Nintendo Switch games for beginners, and now we’ve got a list here for you, to peruse at your leisure. 

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Super Mario Odyssey 

Super Mario Odyssey is the Switch’s 3D Mario game, following after such hits as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 64, which was actually one of the first 3D platformers to get movement down exactly right, or almost exactly right. 

Super Mario Odyssey uses a format similar to that of Sunshine and 64, which means big wide open spaces where you can run around and do all kinds of fun stuff. 

Mario can run around, jump, and throw his hat at things, which can unlock a huge number of extra abilities that make the game even more exciting to play, especially for the very first time. 

Odyssey also offers players a generous Assist Mode, which can make things a whole lot less frustrating, and you can switch to this mode at any point in your playthrough. 

Part Time UFO 

This is a relatively small game compared to many of the others on this list. It’s an arcade-style game where you move this little UFO guy around the screen and use his crane to pick things up and put them down where they need to go. 

Beating each level isn’t that tough, but there are extra challenges you’ll have to complete at some point if you want to unlock every single level and all of the collectibles. 

A lovely soundtrack and adorable visuals make those challenges even more fun to work through. 

Tetris 99 

Tetris 99 is an online multiplayer game where 99 different players play Tetris at the same time, and as each person clears blocks, more blocks get sent over to other players. 

Every round is a fight to the finish, and even though it’s actually kind of tricky to win an entire round of Tetris 99, even just playing the game is a lot of fun. 

Loop Hero 

Loop Hero looks sooooo much more complicated than it is. Basically, during each gameplay round, you place down map pieces that affect the little character who walks around each loop for as long as they can. 

You decide how difficult each round is going to be, more or less, which lends itself to a lot of strategizing. 

The controls really just involve placing cards on the map and pausing and switching out gear when you feel like it. 

Donut County 

Donut Country has made it onto some of our PS4 game recommendation lists as well, and it earns its spot every single time. 

Beginners will have an easy time understanding what they need to do during each level of this game, though there are a few simple puzzles towards the end of the story. 

You move a hole around and swallow things up. That’s the game, and it works surprisingly well throughout, even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing all of the time. 


Downwell is an arcade-style roguelike game where you jump on enemies and shoot them with gunboots to make your way down the well as safely as possible. 

It’s a very simple game, and since it was originally designed for mobile phones, the controls are very simple. You can move left and right, jump, and shoot. 

It can definitely get tricky, but the specifics of each level are randomized every single round, so it also stays interesting, even after dozens of attempts. 


Florence is a story-based video game that works especially well on the Switch since it supports touchscreen controls. 

Saying too much about the game would probably spoil the story, but this isn’t a game you’ll need to worry about beating. 

It’s not about challenge; it’s about interacting with this story and helping it to move forward. 


This is a puzzle game, technically, but to beat the main campaign, you won’t need to employ any kind of hardcore strategy. 

Your goal is to figure out how to get rid of a bunch of blocks with a train of bouncing balls. 

Great things can happen even by accident in Holedown, and even downright beginners are sure to have a whole lot of fun with this title. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

‘Hey now,’ you might be saying to your screen right about now. ‘Isn’t Breath of the Wild like the biggest, craziest game on the Switch? Doesn’t sound like it’s good for beginners to me!’ 

Well, first of all, calm down. We’re all friends here. 

But second, Breath of the Wild may look kind of wild and complicated at first, especially when you start combing through the action-packed trailers. 

But once you’re in the game, you quickly realize just how much time and patience the game has for new players. 

Part of this is the gradual difficulty curve. Yes, enemies can be challenging at the start of the game since you don’t have much health and all and generally just don’t know what you’re doing, but the game lets you move at your own pace. 

It also lets you do just about whatever you want to do, in almost any order. 

This is not an ultra-linear game that simply guides you through levels until it’s over. Instead, it’s a massive open-world adventure where you’re in control at all times. 

Don’t want to get into a tussle? Fine, just run away from the bad guys? Want to spend two whole in-game days chasing down horses? Go for it! Want to ignore basically all of the game’s major quests? Sure, that’s your choice. 

This is a great game for beginners because it gives them the time and the resources to practice many things that are common to games well beyond just Zelda. 

What The Golf? 

What The Golf? is a cheerful comedy game that’s packed with surprises. A lot of the fun in this one is just pressing start on the next level and wondering what wacky concept it’s going to throw at you next. 

Set in a scientific laboratory that’s researching how to make golf less boring, touchscreen controls work great for just about every level here, and you’re gonna be smiling with this one basically right away.

nintendo switch games for beginners


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