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10 of the Best PS4 Games for Non-Gamers: A List

Welcome to the Club 

If you’ve made it to this article, then you’re either a new gamer yourself or you’re trying to help out a friend have a smooth transition into gaming. 

In either case, we’re happy to have you here! This is an exciting day, and we hope this article helps get that gaming journey off to a great start. 

So, not every video game is a good choice for someone who isn’t all that familiar with video games. In fact, we would wager that the majority of console and PC games tend to be designed with existing gamers in mind, while the mobile game market does a better job of making accessible titles. 

But there are plenty of accessible games that are easy to pick up available on the PS4 a system which has historically attracted some more hardcore-oriented gamers. 

We’ve got a list of ten of them for you here, ten of the best PS4 games for non-gamers. 

More than anything else, we looked for games that have inviting atmospheres and whose basic mechanics are easy for just about anyone to grasp rather quickly. 

Also, please note that not every one of these games is available as a physical edition, so if you go looking for all of them on Amazon, you’ll probably be disappointed. Many are download-only titles. 

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Rocket League 

Rocket League is an online multiplayer car-soccer game. It used to have a purchase fee, but it’s currently free-to-play, meaning you can download it to a compatible platform and just play it, for free. 

However, there are plenty of in-game microtransactions to look out for, none of which are actually essential for playing the base game itself. 

This is a game where you drive a car around and try to use it to score goals on the other team with a giant soccer ball, or, ya know, try to prevent the other team from doing the same thing. 

The skill ceiling for this game is actually very high, and there will be plenty of stuff you just won’t be able to do on your first day. 

We also really, really need to mention that, since this community of online players has been active for years now, you’re likely to come up against many different players who are extremely skilled at Rocket League. 

You’re not gonna win every game here, is what we’re saying. In fact, you’ll probably lose a lot of these games. 

But as a wise person once said, you don’t play online games to win, you play them to have a good time. 

With Rocket League, you can have a good time playing online, free of charge. You may decide to put it down again after just a few days, but that’s fine too. It’s certainly worth trying. 


Superhot, at first glance, might look like a first-person shooter, a game genre that remains immensely popular in the contemporary gaming landscape. 

But it’s really not an FPS. Rather, it’s kind of a puzzle game. Time only moves at normal speed when your character moves, meaning you have a lot of time to plan out your moves and figure out how to manage various challenge scenarios. 

It also has some kind of story, but the gameplay is definitely the star of the show here. 

Fall Guys 

Fall Guys is another online multiplayer game, like Rocket League, except the skill ceiling here is actually very low. In other words, people can only be so good at the game, no matter how many hundreds of hours they’ve put into it. 

The structure is very much like a wacky game show, where hordes of contestants all scramble to the finish line, or to achieve whatever basic task the game throws at you next. 

In some game types, you’ll be competing on your own against about a hundred other players, but there are team game types as well, where you need to try your best to cooperate with a bunch of strangers who can’t hear each other at all. 

Fall Guys is very easy to pick up for just about anyone, and it’s also relatively inexpensive.  


Abzu is an incredibly relaxed game about underwater exploration. But it’s not exactly a pure simulation game, either. 

There’s a linear path through the game’s various levels, and even though there’s no time limit here, you’ll still feel compelled to work your way towards the end. 

It’s also not a very long game, and it’s the kind of game that you’ll probably want to replay if you enjoy your first time through. 

Castle Crashers Remastered 

Castle Crashers is a fairly old beat-em-up style game with co-op capabilities. 

In this category of side-scrolling beat-em-ups, we also considered Streets of Rage 4, which is a superb title in a lot of ways, but Castle Crashers is just so darn accessible and likable that it came out on top for us. 

Just get to the end of each level without dying, it’s as simple as that. 

Stardew Valley 

One of the most famous indie games of all time, Stardew Valley is available on all major platforms, including the PS4.

It’s a farming sim game at heart, but there are so many other things to do with your in-game time, so many in fact that your real-world time will probably slip past you unnoticeably while you’re playing. 

It looks very simple at first, then later on it looks very complicated, but as you play, you’ll learn just about everything there is to know about the game world and how to achieve whatever you want for your farm and your farm-centric life. 


Possibly one of the most well-regarded indie titles ever, Inside is a puzzle platformer, meaning you’ll be moving your character from the left to the right, basically until the end of the game. 

Along the way, you’ll need to solve light environmental puzzles to progress, such as moving a few boxes so that you can jump to a ledge, things like that, although the puzzles get significantly more complex than our example. 

It’s a visually stunning game that’s pretty easy to work through. 

Donut County 

Definitely one of the brightest and funniest games on our list, and possibly in all of the PS4’s library, Donut County is about moving a hole in the ground to swallow things up, including adorable little critters who were just trying to go about their normal day-to-day business. 

There are a handful of hearty challenges mixed in there, and the game finds some very interesting things to do with just a hole, but it never gets overwhelming, making it an excellent choice for a relatively fresh gamer. 

Slay the Spire 

If you want a taste of something less action-y and much more strategic, then Slay the Spire is a great choice. 

It’s mostly a deckbuilding game, which means that you’ll be collecting in-game cards that have various functions, and many of them interact with other cards in interesting ways. 

You’ll use your cards to defeat monsters and work your way toward the very end. Even if you’re not familiar with card games like these at all, Slay the Spire is a lot of fun to mess around with, and it probably won’t take you very long at all to build up some impressive moves.  

Rayman Legends 

Platformers have been around since the earliest days of video games (more or less), and Rayman Legends is definitely one of the best examples of how much fun modern platformers can be. 

You can run, jump, and attack. That’s about it. But while the moveset may seem very basic, the game very quickly starts piling on more and more interesting ideas. 

Yes, the game does get challenging after a while, but it also has a generous checkpoint system that makes it easy to just sit down and work on a level until you make your way through. 

With lovely backgrounds and wacky characters, Rayman Legends is a game you just need to get. Just get it. 

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