why does netflix have no good movies

“Why Does Netflix Have No Good Movies?” Our Take on It

Some folks online have been asking this question: “why does Netflix have no good movies?” 

While we don’t completely agree that Netflix has no good movies, we do agree that the overall quality of their offerings has dropped quite a bit over the last few years, and today we’re going to give our take as to why that is. 

And you definitely don’t have to agree with us, and there’s plenty on Netflix that’s still worth checking out, especially when it comes to Netflix Originals. But we understand that for some people, it’s just not the valuable service that it used to be. 

And hey, please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments. We’d love to hear some other opinions on the matter. 

But that’s about it for the intro section of the article, so let’s go right ahead and move along to the stuff you came here for. And awaaaaay we go! 

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why does netflix have no good movies

1: Competition 

Ok, so probably the most obvious answer to this question is that there is so much more competition in the streaming market than there was when Netflix first dipped its toe into the streaming space. 

Some of the older folks out there might remember that Netflix was actually originally a physical movie rental service. 

Customers would request specific movies that they wanted to rent, and physical DVDs would be mailed to the customers, with different limits on how many they could have at one time based on the payment tier. 

When the customer wanted to receive the next movie in their queue, they could just mail back one of the movie rentals they had at the time.

At first, Netflix only offered online streaming of movies and shows in a very limited format known as the Instant Queue, which was a bit of an oxymoron. 

The movies offered for streaming in the early days were generally pretty bad, but it was clear that the convenience of this feature was miles ahead of physically mailing movies around. 

But being one of the first companies in a particular market doesn’t mean that they’ll stay on top. 

For a good few years, Netflix’s streaming service was the top dog. The site had tons of great movies and TV shows, including many smash hits like The Office and plenty of Disney movies, too. 

Of course, the big reason why Netflix could offer all these movies and shows from other companies was because they had licensed the rights to these properties from each company. 

Since those other companies didn’t have their own streaming services, just receiving those licensing fees was a pretty good deal. People could watch this stuff, and the companies who owned the rights didn’t actually have to do anything to make it happen, just sign off on some paperwork and collect checks. 

But as we’ve all witnessed in the years since then, basically every other major media company has branched out and created their very own streaming services, and as part of those efforts, they’ve been pulling all their properties back, meaning away from Netflix. 

Sure, you can still find some big properties on Netflix these days, even a handful of Disney movies, but that’s only because Netflix still has the rights to show those, at least for now. 

But you can be sure that as soon as each licensing agreement expires, all of those properties will go right back to the original rights holder. 

And here’s the thing: Netflix has seen this coming, and they’ve been working for years now to try to bolster their own offerings by producing content in-house. 

You’ve probably seen about a million Netflix Originals on the service. That means that Netflix will retain the rights to those properties basically forever, unless the entire company collapses at some point. 

But we can’t ignore the fact that plenty of Netflix Original shows and movies have been incredibly successful, including House of Cards, Bojack Horseman, and Squid Game. 

It’s certainly possible that Netflix could survive exclusively on its original programming, but it would certainly be challenging. 

why does netflix have no good movies

When people say that there are no good movies on Netflix, they’re just noticing the steady removal of big-name movies that Netflix used to be able to show. 

It’s also worth noting that licensing and distribution rights are typically decided by territory, so different countries can have very different kinds of shows and movies on their own version of Netflix. 

But while it might not be completely accurate to say that Netflix doesn’t have any good movies, it’s definitely starting to look that way, especially if you happen to be looking for specific major properties that have since moved off to other streaming services. 

2: Quantity Over Quality 

Another major factor that we can’t ignore here is not the sheer number of movies being offered on a particular streaming service but also the quality of the movies on offer. 

Just because a service has 3,000 movies doesn’t mean that you’ll like all of them. In fact, it’s more likely that you’ll only like a select few of them. 

Again, this is something that streaming services are keenly aware of. You might have noticed that streaming services have started to specialize their branding along these lines. 

So for example, what do you think of when you hear Disney+? Probably kids’ content, family-friendly stuff, with some Marvel and Star Wars in the mix, most of which is also family-friendly. 

A streaming service like Shudder is highly specialized in the area of horror. They really don’t offer much outside of that genre. 

Netflix’s branding really isn’t as strong. It used to offer a massive variety of content, and it still does, but in a way this might be harming the site’s branding, since it can no longer deliver well-known properties that cater to each of those niche areas of interest.

Netflix just isn’t delivering the best horror, the best animation, or the best sci-fi, so fans are looking elsewhere to get their fix.  

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