video games for old guys

A Bunch of Video Games for Old Guys, Six of Them

Here we are once again, creating a list of recommended video games for a very specific category of people, but hey, Google search numbers don’t lie. Lots of people have been wondering about this, and we’re happy to help out as best we can. 

This time, it’s a list of a bunch of video games for old guys. There are six in total, so closer to a banana bunch than a colloquial bunch, but hey, what are we messing around here in the intro for? 

It’s time to get into the games. We’ll try to make a decent case for why each of them is worth trying out. 

Planet Coaster 

If you truly consider yourself to be an old guy, then you probably remember the old RollerCoaster Tycoon games from the 90s and early 2000s. 

Those were some pretty great games for sure, and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 in particular has seen releases on modern gaming platforms, so you can grab that one as well if you like, but for our money, Planet Coaster is actually the better choice for many reasons. 

For one thing, it’s much better than any of the more modern official RCT games. And for another thing, this game lets you be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want. 

So let’s say you just want to plop down pre-built rides and shops and decorations. You can do that and enjoy yourself just fine, focusing on the nitty-gritty management details of running a successful park. 

Or, if you want to really get in there and customize, this game has some pretty incredible options for doing just that. 

You can create custom structures, whether you want them to serve as a decorative queue area for a ride or as a kind of hybrid mall space to house shops and the like. Or you can create structures just for the fun of it. 

And of course, you can create custom rollercoasters, which is an enormous amount of fun all on its own. It’s not easy to create a coaster that your guests will actually enjoy, but if you want to make wild ones just to try out in POV mode, it’s a really great time. 


Do you like to play first-person shooters? Good, because Dusk is a throwback to some of the early 3D PC shooters. Quake is probably the most accurate comparison here. 

With goofy monsters and an art style that’ll take you right back to those days, Dusk really takes advantage of nostalgia while also utilizing modern game design techniques and quality of life features. 

And sure, Quake also received a nice remaster somewhat recently, and it’s a great time too, but if you want something a little different, and a bit more hectic as well, then Dusk is a great option. 

Tomb Raider 

Remember those old Tomb Raider games? Remember the terrible water level that people have never stopped talking about? 

Well, the series got rebooted roughly ten years ago, and we now have a whole new trilogy of Tomb Raider games, and gosh darnit, they’re actually very good. 

Definitely taking some notes from the Uncharted series, which is now also getting a movie for some reason, this new trilogy focuses on making you feel like you’re taking part in an Indiana Jones-style adventure, and they do a good job of it, too. 

The first game in this trilogy, simply titled Tomb Raider, challenges you to survive a wreck and fend off the bad guys who are of course on a quest for the same ancient artifact that you’re looking for. 

Best of all, you can regularly find this game, and the rest of the trilogy, on sale on Steam and console storefronts. Seriously, you can sometimes pick up these games for like a few bucks each. 


Probably one of the most original and inventive puzzle games ever made, Portal comes to us from Valve, a company that basically stopped making games because their PC gaming storefront, Steam, is making them more money than the GDP of a small nation. 

This is another game that you can get for pretty cheap, and though the first game in the series is a pretty short walk, relative to some of the other games we’ve talked about here, it’s absolutely worth it, especially if you’ve never played through before and don’t already know the puzzle solutions. 

Loop Hero 

Ok, we’ve seen so many other game reviewers and journalists stumble through attempts to describe this game’s primary loop, so we’re going to do our best to get to the meat of the matter as concisely as possible. 

When you watch a trailer for this game, it can seem pretty confusing, but within just a few minutes of playing, you’ll have the basics down no problem. 

Basically, you have a hero character who walks around a loop. The loop is different each time, and your main job is to place obstacles and support elements around this loop. This will create new combat encounters and bonuses for the hero. Ideally, you want the hero to have as many fights as possible without dying, because winning fights means better chances of getting some cool gear and, well, loot. 

You can pause the action when the hero’s not in a fight, and you can use this time to swap out gear and create the build you want for the hero. 

That’s really all there is to it. Obviously there are deeper elements to the gameplay that you’ll get acquainted with later, like building a home base that will give the hero different bonuses for each run. 

Most people who try the game fall in love with it, so feel free to give it a shot if it sounds interesting. 

Fallout 4 

Yes, we already have a shooter on the list, but the Fallout series has never really focused all that much on shooting and gunplay. 

You will shoot lots of stuff in any Fallout game, that’s a guarantee, but these games are much more about player choice and some RPG elements. 

So this is kind of a classic example, but if you choose to build your character with an emphasis on charisma and speech, you’ll probably be able to talk your way out of situations that otherwise might have gotten pretty nasty. 

It’s a post-apocalyptic survival game that does have plenty of set adventures for you to go on, but you’re the one driving the experience, prioritizing whatever you want along the way. 

It’s a captivating world to explore. Just make sure that you have some hardware that can run the game smoothly.

video games for old guys

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