games to play in bed at night

Some Excellent Games to Play in Bed at Night: Mobile/Console/Cloud

Hey there, we’d like to talk about some great games to play in bed at night, and since you clicked on the link, we’re guessing you want to hear about it, too. 

We considered a few key things when coming up with this list of games. First and foremost, we didn’t want to pick especially complicated games or games that need you to be really close to the screen to see all the tiny details. 

We also didn’t want to choose games that require a lot of button mashing or strenuous input in general. There are indeed some action games here, but nothing completely insane. 

And on top of it all, we wanted to provide a variety of game types and tones so that gamers with different tastes can find something they’ll like or feel encouraged to revisit a game they’ve already tried out. 

What else? Well, we’re going to recommend games across a variety of device types, so first we have some mobile games, then some console games, then games that can be streamed to your phone or tablet as long as your internet connection is strong enough. 

games to play in bed at night


Let’s start out with some mobile games. It makes sense that mobile games are simple enough to play in bed or basically anywhere else, and holding a phone is more comfortable than holding a big tablet or laptop or something. 

Also, for this section we’ve focused on games included in Apple Arcade, which is a subscription service that gives you access to a whole bunch of quality mobile games that don’t have ads. We’re not even sponsored, we just really like this service. 

If you’re using an Android phone, these games may not be available on your device in your region, so it’s worth checking the store. 

What the Golf? 

What the Golf? is sort of a puzzle game of sorts, but definitely not a difficult one. You won’t find yourself scratching your head. Instead, you’ll probably just be laughing and rushing through whatever crazy challenges the game throws at you. 

It’s actually pretty hard to describe in text, and we also don’t want to spoil the fantastic surprises and jokes, so maybe just give this one a shot as soon as you can. 

If you’re not using Apple Arcade, then you can also find the game on Steam and on Nintendo Switch. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts 

This game is on rails, meaning you really only have to worry about moving your character left and right, with the occasional button-prompt thrown in every so often. 

It’s a colorful, abstract story about a young girl who needs to find all the missing pieces of her broken heart. 

Sappy? Kind of. But it’s also incredibly weird and just plain entertaining. It’s not an especially difficult game, either, unless you’re trying to get Gold Rank on every single stage.

Taiko Pop Tap 

Taiko No Tatsujin is a long-running Japanese rhythm game series that took a while to make it over to the US. 
For a rhythm game, it’s actually not that complicated. You only have two inputs to worry about and a handful of different prompts to keep track of during each song. 

But the various difficulty modes for each track offers tons of challenges for the brave. Seriously, this stuff gets pretty crazy at Expert levels. 


Ok, here are some console games we’d like to tell you about. All three are available on the Switch, by the way, so if you prefer handheld gaming when you’re in bed, then you might want to opt for those versions. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

This is the only Switch-exclusive game in this section, but it’s absolutely a good one. Some might even say this is an excellent entry in the series. 

New Horizons just has this incredibly reliable way of getting you hooked on its basic gameplay loops, even if you’re brand new to the series. 

Thankfully, the game doesn’t have any microtransactions to tempt your wallet-opening muscles, unless you count the single DLC release that adds a whole other area and gameplay scenario. 

It’s wholesome, generally pretty easy, and just a lot of fun to play. 

Stardew Valley 

We shouldn’t need to say too much about this game. Stardew is easily one of the most famous and successful indie games around, and it’s also been ported to just about every major gaming system at this point, including in-car Tesla entertainment. 

The chunky pixel look is good for both handheld gaming and looking at a TV or monitor from a distance. 

It’s also a simple game on the surface, but it really starts to open up with more options and more things to do as the game goes on. 

Also it’s $15US full-priced, so it’s not exactly something that’s going to break the bank. 

Bug Fables 

This is a turn-based combat indie game in the style of the old Paper Mario games, and it’s a real good one at that. 

It’s a fun and wacky game world all about bugs and their many adventures, and the gameplay itself is surprisingly deep and satisfying. 

At the time of writing, this game is included in XBox Game Pass, so if you’re signed up you don’t even need to lay down some money to try it out. 

It’s also a pretty long game, so this one can be your bedtime companion for weeks or even months. 

Cloud Gaming

Lastly, we want to talk about some cloud streaming options. Cloud streaming means that the game itself is running on hardware elsewhere and the visuals are sent to whatever device you’re playing on. 

This requires a solid internet connection, but if you have access to one of these services, then it’s definitely worth trying out, especially for slightly simpler games.

Elden Ring, Obviously 

Well, ok, this first one isn’t really a simple game, and it can demand rigorous input at times, but it’s also a massive open-world game where you can just spend a bunch of time running around and exploring, fighting the odd monster (or running for your life) as you go. 

It’s an addicting game, and even after a successful run, you’ll probably want to hop right back in. 


Hades actually works great with cloud gaming. It’s not as graphically intensive as plenty of AAA games, but it still delivers in terms of compelling, exciting gameplay from moment to moment. 

And hey, this is one of the most lauded video games in recent years, so if you’re worried about not liking it, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with it instead. 


Our last vote for a game that’s good to play in bed at night is Atomicrops, a not-super-famous indie twin-stick shooter roguelike where you have to protect your crops from all kinds of farmers. 

It’s pretty tough, but if the gameplay meshes with you, then this could easily become a new bedtime favorite. 

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