Lars von Trier analysis

Art House Bootcamp: Visionary Weirdo Lars von Trier

Here’s an introduction to Lars von Trier, either one of the best or worst filmmakers currently living, depending on who you ask.


Art House Bootcamp: What is an Art House Film?

Art House, Schmart House: Why Labels are Bad (Sometimes) [Here’s some music to listen to while you read.] Sometime during middle school, I Googled the term indie music. It was still pretty new back then, at least as an established genre. Wikipedia defined it as independent underground music. In other words, independent label stuff that […]

netflix cartoons for adults

Netflix Cartoons for Adults: The Good, Bad, and Mediocre

Intro Netflix is spending a whole bunch of money on content creation. We all know that. We also know that not a whole lot of that money goes toward animated programs like these. I’ll just come out and say it, in terms of animation alone, none of these shows is going to impress you. We’re […]